The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated the entire global economy.

More specifically, the virus has wreaked havoc in the United States across a wide swath of industries and businesses. Restaurants have been crushed, travel & leisure beaten down, and most important to this publication, Krav Maga schools have been flattened straight out of business.

In these times of upheaval and uncertainty, it is more vital than ever to support those businesses that means the most to us. Without an intentional plan to interact with and support the businesses that count most in our lives, we willingly allow the tectonic shifts in our world, our state, and our city to take control of those businesses, services, and Kravist communities that play such an important role in who we are and who we aim to be.

So, step outside your comfort zone, and support your local Krav Maga school to ensure that it’s still there when you need it most.

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  1. Etti Clingman

    Dear CJ, Krav family was there for many of us in time of desperate times. I for one will be there to support home 🙏

  2. Keith

    Hi Chief , hoping all is well with you and your family . Thank you for the important reminder not to forget others as we are all experiencing similar issues . Our Krav school opened last Wednesday and signed up for the first class knowing it wasn’t going to be the same however I wanted to support my instructor and let him know we are still here as he is always there for us . Keith