Over the course of this current week, Krav Maga Houston is offering trial classes for the new ELITE programming, which will officially be starting on Monday, June 18th.

However, for the past several weeks I have been ruminating over a myriad of ideas to focus on during some of the first Warrior Yoga classes. I want to be clear that these classes are not meant to be “hot yoga for the masses” classes. B.K.S. Iyengar (one of the first three major yoga teachers in the West) wrote “The very object of yoga is to control and still the mind”. Pranayama (breathing) practice was the first practice of yoga. Contrary to how many westerners view yoga, it’s not about mastering a posture, it’s about mastering yourself primarily through breath control, hatha postures simply offer additional assistance in the pursuit of self-discovery and self-mastery. That is precisely what we will be doing.

After a significant amount of training, reading and reflection, I believe that the most effective way for students to embrace the new programming is by first being willing to release something else – their ego. Whether broken down or over-inflated, the way in which we view ourselves can often be detrimental to our growth, we must discover our limiting beliefs and what beliefs allow us to be limitless.

Below I’ve provided some thoughts that will be addressed in our first classes. If you are not able to make it in this week, complete a few rounds of box breathing, grab a notebook and journal about these ideas, (then come to class on the 18th), you’ll be glad you did.

“Being stuck is an active process. It means you are actively making the same decisions to stay exactly in the same place.”

“What counter-productive behaviors, self-defeating beliefs or feelings of unworthiness are holding you back?”

“Let go of the things that do not serve you to transcend self-imposed limits, discover and live in alignment with your life’s ultimate purpose.”

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  1. Dale Maldonado

    Awesome… I wrote these down as they oh so feel they are thoughts for me…to read daily. Thank you!