I don’t really know where to start.

Is it the realization that most of what I’ve been taught about nutrition since childhood is not only false but extraordinarily harmful and disease causing?

Is it the key to quality of life through nutrition and subtle lifestyle changes?

Maybe I should start with the idea that longevity (for most of us) is in our control through proper nutrition.

For many, the fact that body composition is 80% nutrition related and only 20% exercise related would be a powerful opening.

I know; it’s harnessing the power of gene reprogramming through nutrition to become a fat-burning machine – reclaiming your god-given “factory setting.”

Or, it could be releasing yourself from carbohydrate dependency and the destructive pattern of fat storage, chronic inflammation, nutrient deficiency, oxidative damage, and delayed workout recover.

It’s reasonable to lead with exercise science and related studies of “time to bonk” – where athletes have been able to extend “time to bonk” (that is, give out physically) from approximately 5 hours to 86 hours by becoming fat-adapted and pulling energy from their own fat stores during exercise.

To add credibility, I might start with the FASTER study, where athletes that had become fat-adapted through nutrition (MIND BODY FUEL) and were able to burn up to 90% of their required “load” calories by drawing from fat stores during aerobic work – some running at a 7-minute mile pace.

Perhaps, most important is the quote from Dr. Cate Shanahan, “The direct damaging effect on the body from consuming oxidized polyunsaturated vegetable oils is literally no different than eating radiation.”

If I were to approach this from a perspective shift, I might start with – optimal body composition must be approached from the view of calories burned vs. calories stored – distinctly and massively different than calories burned vs. calories consumed.

In the end, I suppose it doesn’t matter how I begin this article. What is important is your understanding that how you eat is the single most important factor in optimal body composition, quality of life, athletic performance, and longevity. The key is to eat the MIND BODY FUEL way.

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  1. Van Neely

    I’m interested in learning more.

    Van Neely, student and volunteer instructor at West Coast Krav Maga, Murrieta, CA

  2. Donna Shifflette

    Thank you. 🙂

  3. Paul inman

    Sign me up please just joined north campus
    Going to get started Monday at 5:25 am of my journey very nervous but also excited