The best thing to ever happen to you is waiting one step outside your comfort zone!

Safety, security, control, low stress levels, predictability…this all sounds great, right? These are the elements of the comfort zones that confine us to a prison of stagnation. Comfort zones are the behaviors and routines that minimize stress, risk and if you can believe it: happiness. At a first glance a low risk, low stress lifestyle may sound like exactly what you’ve been looking for. But in all actuality, great things never come from the confines of your comfort zones.

Peak human performance can be attributed to what scientist refer to as Optimal Anxiety. This is the space between our comfort zone and the point of distress, this type of anxiety produces motivation to push us past the boundaries we create for ourselves and confront the types of challenges we might otherwise run away from. It is common knowledge that new experiences and building new skills allow us to view the world differently, however, more often than not, the fear of failure and/or criticism keeps us locked in a cell of unproductive habitual performance. In this space, our strengths are under utilized and our weaknesses are emphasized to the point which we settle into mediocrity.

Take authority away from vulnerabilities, weaknesses and fear by investing in them.

  • Learn a new skill (something you are not naturally good at performing)
  • Develop and courageously pursue new goals at work (performance or skill based)
  • Engage in a challenging physical activity (Krav Maga / Warrior Yoga)
  • Make a meaningful connection with another person (be a friend to someone who has none)

Remember that your best day is the one that hasn’t happened yet. One step beyond your comfort zone is where you will find meaningful experiences and deep personal growth. What are you doing this week to break out of prison? How can you use a Krav Maga class to break free? Jot down three ideas and follow through! You’ll love the result.

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