The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare much of the underlying darkness in our souls – as people hoard food & supplies, fight over toilet paper in grocery store isles, and retreat into themselves in the midst of suffering and death – we see that we have much to do as a people to reclaim our integrity, bolster our courage, hone our mental toughness, and grow our emotional resilience.

In a literal wartime footing, where we should be coming together, many of us have adopted an “every man or woman for himself or herself” approach. While still others ignore the pleas from government officials to reduce the collective social footprint, choosing instead to serve only themselves and their meaningless idols – money, sex, power, drugs, social standing, or influence to name a few.

The scenes from Florida beaches over Spring Break made my stomach turn, primarily as the young and foolish – ignoring the multitude of warnings being broadcast across social media, radio, television, and every other communication medium known to the world – set out to party in an exhibition of selfishness that astounds those who have leaned into the required social and moral responsibility to protect our most vulnerable from this virus by simply “staying home.”

The sad truth is our Constitutionally protected rights, so grievously earned through a national history of war and sacrifice, and recently secured by the Greatest Generation, are once again being abused by those in our society that leverage their personal freedoms in direct conflict with the wellbeing of their fellow Americans.

Tragically, the selfishness of those that refuse to do their civic duty may ultimately cost the Greatest Generation – the men and women most vulnerable to this virus (who fought and sacrificed for our rights) – to succumb to and die not from a world war but from a virus propelled by a chain of infection caused by those that serve only themselves. Those that do not heed the warnings are guided by an unrelenting self-centeredness – abusing the rights secured for them by the brave men and women they have now ultimately put at risk. It’s truly shameful.

And today, as courageous men and women work tirelessly across the healthcare spectrum, those that ignore the alarms being sounded everyday put these modern day heroes in harms way – risking a collapse of the healthcare infrastructure and a purging of the knowledge, experience, and wisdom from the healthcare system by literally infecting and killing the most seasoned and experienced doctors, nurses, and techs throughout this country. I can’t express my profound disbelief in the actions of those that continue to think only in terms of their own discomfort and respond, not to a national call for unity, but the selfish call of their own base wants.

In this time where we must all come together, many of us have torn at our unity. Is America still the “home of the brave”, or have we lost our collective, national soul to a deep and disturbing narcissism that only divides us now?

I pray we all come together and remember our history – the example set by those heroic generations who have come before and those heroes that risk much to care for our growing population of sick today – as a means of finding our way forward in this uncertain and dangerous time.

It is time for each of us to grow up and show up for our country. It’s time for each of us to do our part.

I’m calling on every American to do something each day to support the war effort against COVID-19. Each of us is uniquely made to meaningfully connect with others in this fight. Use your talents and skills to make a difference. You were made for this moment. Now is the time to stand and deliver.

So, do your part proudly and with patience and grace.

God bless America, and God bless our world.

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  1. Keith

    Thank you Chief , so well written and very good read .