While we all do our part to battle the COVID-19 pandemic – most of us simply staying home and reducing our social footprint – many are still at work, because these people and their vocations are seen as “essential.”

Think about that. Did the highest paid actors, musicians, athletes, and social media stars continue to broaden their footprint during this pandemic? Which one of these vocations is essential? The answer is…none of them.

As we reassess, rethink, and take stock of our priorities, we would do well to remember those that actually make our lives work – the difference makers. These essential workers continue in their daily efforts, because if they stopped for the better part of a week, life would screech to a halt. Who are these essential heroes that make life work? Doctors, nurses, medical techs, sanitation workers, police officers, firemen, teachers, mental health advocates, security details, cleaning crews, scientists, and many others.

Without these people doing their good work, society would collapse. We know what would happen if professional sporting events, concerts, and new content for television and movies were all put on hold or cancelled…almost nothing. We are living in that world right now. Can’t see your favorite team play, you’ll get over it (in about 5 minutes), but go without trash pick-up for a season and see how that turns out.

To be clear, I’m not bashing any of the aforementioned vocations or pursuits. I’m simply pointing out that we, as a society, often place too much value on things that really aren’t critical in our lives. I love a good movie as much as the next guy, and I’ll shell out more than a few bucks to attend a professional baseball game. The stories that shape our perspective and athletic feats or music that inspires can be useful and inform our dreams as to what is possible.

That’s not the issue. The real question is…how have we misplaced our priorities, and what are we going to do about it? As for me, I’m going acknowledge these difference makers more, reserve a Christmas bonus for them, and say “thank you” more often. It’s the least I can do for these people – for the real difference makers.

Thank you to all of those that continue to work during this crisis to make our lives work. Thank you very much…

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