I’m working with a cadre of instructors and apprentices in developing a plan for certification, and I’m also working with my managers around the planning process.

Each wants to know that he/she is being evaluated fairly – as they are. And each wants to know how to achieve the next level of success. Many are seeking feedback, and that’s productive. But in the final analysis, the simple truth is…to ensure your path lays out before you as you envision, you must be undeniable.

What does “undeniable” mean? It means striving for a standard that is both subjective and objective – securing the affirmation of your highest expectations for yourself and exceeding the requirements of the job at hand. The truth is, if we all seek to leapfrog past the expectations of the job at hand – to rewrite what excellence is for any one discipline – we will all find our best and most powerful selves. And in this place, others will see you as undeniable.

So, seek to perform beyond expectations, develop new skills sets, and become invaluable to your team or community through your growth across many dimensions. In this, you will find the success you seek – and more.

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  1. Joe

    Sign me up. Never to old to learn.

  2. Joe

    Sign me up. Never to old to learn something new.