Without the Knowledge to Move Properly, Your Inside Defense Will Falter.

Inside defense to a right straight punch is one of the most important techniques to learn in your Krav Maga training, particularly as a new student.

While most have a viable instinctive response to a threat that requires a 360 defense, few new students feel comfortable standing in to make a defense when a strong right straight punch is headed for their chin.

This is precisely what makes the inside defense a critically important concept. Without the knowledge, comfort, and willingness to stay put on the defense, the student will not be in a position to do what is most important – counterattack. Without the counterattack, the defense simply delays the inevitable – a good battering or worse.

On the video below, I’ll explain how to make a solid, quick, and consistent inside defense using a few concepts you’ve likely never heard or seen before. Check it out and walk in peace!

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  1. Rich lindsey

    The inside defense for right hand punch was very informative. I would trace the forearm up like shaving the hair off Then hook to trap. But as you stated then my guard would be down. Thank you for your time and educating the Krav community. Richard Lindsey