ISIS Tries to Infiltrate Europe by Impersonating Refugees.

Disguised as refugees, an ISIS commander and 400 soldiers attempt to infiltrate Europe.

An Islamic State general, identified as Lavdrim Muhaxheri is reportedly back in Europe having fled Syria after the recent loss of territory during the heavy fighting for Mosul.

Muhaxheri, a former NATO soldier, who trained at Camp Bondsteel (the largest US military base in the Balkans) is a Kosovo Albanian who rose to prominence within the terror organization because of his foreign roots and his efforts to recruit other foreign fighters to join ISIS.

Muhaxheri, also known as Abu Abdullah al Kosova, has been designated by the United States as a global terrorist after appearing in multiple ISIS propaganda videos where he reportedly beheads a man and kills another captive with a rocket.

According to unnamed security sources within Italian Intelligence, many of the ISIS fighters have disguised themselves as refugees. “Numerous jihadists are returning to Europe and the Balkans, aiming to hit the old continent at its heart. Some of them are being identified by security services, but many others manage to cross the borders without being identified.”

Muhaxheri is considered to be the mastermind of a thwarted attack on the Israeli national soccer team, as well as attacks on Serbian Orthodox churches, and other terror attacks all over the Balkans. Since he left for Syria to join ISIS in 2012, photographs of Muhaxheri appearing in Kosovo have documented his ability to cross borders.

As ISIS continues to lose territory in Syria and Iraq, concerns mount that the jihadist fighters, so committed to their cause, will take their fight to Europe, fanning out across the continent to establish terror cells.

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