Historically across this nation, scores of pistol packing gun owners have visited their local shooting ranges to practice “shooting.”

And, many are proficient – even excellent – at consistently hitting a paper target in a controlled environment. While this is an important part of learning to safely handle a pistol, there is little to no value for self-defense purposes.

As a Kravist, you likely realize that violent encounters are tense, uncertain, rapidly evolving, and debilitating (TURD). The average person loses up to 50 IQ points under this kind of stress, fine motor skills are savaged, and tunnel vision becomes common. These factors don’t change (but are likely exacerbated) when a handgun is also present during a violent altercation.

Additionally, we know that the vast majority of violent altercations where shots are fired happen between 0-10 feet – making the possibility of a physical clash substantial. In this cocktail of stress and violence, having shot your pistol at the local range will do little to save you.

The truth is, over reliance on your handgun in a violent, close quarters altercation is likely to do more harm than good. For this reason, GZTac was formed and teaches safe handling of a handgun, handgun retention, and self-defense with a handgun (both in the holster and deployed). To do less is to court failure and tragedy. I’ve recently compared shooting at a local range as preparation for a close, physical, violent altercation with practicing Tae Bo in preparation for a street fight – it just doesn’t make sense.

If you own a handgun, I highly recommend learning how to use it – then learning how to use it for self-defense.

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