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Invest In Combatives

In the video below, I summarize the major differences in the approach needed to address the dangers that a handgun threat and knife attack/threat require to successfully overcome the attack. The not so subtle differences become clear in this summary. Enjoy!

Handgun Front Touching: Redirection Fix

The handgun defense requires a subtle shift in tactic and movement to optimize your result. I spent last weekend with Darren Levine and the crack instructional staff from Krav Maga Worldwide at Revgear University. While there, the seminar planners honored Darren for his 35 years of service in teaching Krav Maga. That’s…

Handgun Redirection: Same But Different

Master These Simple Ideas or Flounder in Your Handgun Defense to the Front. Below, you’ll find a video where I explain a concept that everyone must put into practice and understand at an operational and intuitive level to take the handgun to the front defense to a new level. Essentially, I’m asking…