Most of you know what the term “field strip” means, but for those unacquinted with the term, “field strip” refers to the basic disassembly of a firearm for the purposes of cleaning the weapon to enhance or re-establish service.

In other words, field-stripping is a quick way to address the basic issues that effect performance and emerge with the utilization of a firearm.

This concept got me thinking. What would it look like if I approached my Krav Maga training in the same manner? What would I do differently? Better yet, if I were to field strip my life, what would I do to immediately to address malfunctions and operational issues that are creating a suboptimal experience? The answer for most of us starts, including me, with how we structure our day. So, for the next three weeks, look for a series of articles that aim to help us all field strip our lives – and start truly living and thriving again.

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