I’m in the middle of efforting to earn a performance coaching certification with SealFit founder Mark Divine through his Unbeatable Mind coaching program, and I’ve gravitated towards a coaching term that has resonated with me at a deep level.

The concept is powerful and directly applicable to Krav Maga training, so I thought I’d share it with the readers of Kravology.

Essentially, coaches do many things in supporting goal-oriented people in their quest to conquer any number of goals across the physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, and/or spirit facets. Often, a coach helps to identify which of these human dimensions (or mountains) will be most useful in achieving goals. The process continues with the co-creation of developmental objectives in support of the goal, down into the actual practices that drive the growth needed for each coaching client to stretch towards his/her potential in pursuit of each goal.

One of the most powerful ideas I’ve some across is embodied in a term named, “quality of being.” It’s simply a term that describes how a person can effectively perform and live with integrity and authenticity while adapting to the circumstances around him or her. In other words, as the world around us changes, do we adapt to the changes in a productive and meaningful way while maintaining personal integrity.

In Krav Maga, the way each student approaches training, faces adversity, and responds to the changing environment can test and/or strengthen the “quality of being” each develops. Quality of being starts with anchoring around those things we believe at a deep level and is populated by our “whys” for doing or acting in a specific way.

As an instructor, I often see students respond in various ways to the training and testing thrown at them. Those that have an orientation around success, rooted in what he/she believes, and populated by the “why” (the reason for action at a deep level) perform at higher levels without exception. Ask yourself, What “quality of being” do I bring with me to my training and furthermore into life? And, what can I do to enhance my quality of being? The answers and the results may surprise you!

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