Over the course of the last 20 years, Krav Maga Houston has impacted the lives of hundreds, if not, thousands of individuals; providing not only the highest quality of self-defense training, but also inspiring hope, encouraging grit, and instilling a lasting confidence within minds and spirits of those who train.

In 2018, Krav Maga Houston will be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary; a remarkable milestone for a small business of any kind.

While my time with the organization has been comparably small, my experiences with some of the most influential individuals I’ve ever met have been exceedingly great, starting with the Founder and Chief Instructor, C.J. Kirk. Those of you who have had the opportunity to experience his steadfast leadership, superior coaching methods and standards of excellence, understand how Krav Maga Houston has grown into what it is today. However, despite that fact, I recognize there are many people who are unfamiliar with the history of the schools and the man who started it all here in Houston.

During January of 2018, Kravology will be conducting a special interview with Krav Maga Houston’s Founder and Chief Instructor, C.J. Kirk. Students, instructors and Kravologists alike are encouraged to be a part of the interview process. Check out the link below to submit questions you’d like to have answered during the commemorative 20th anniversary interview with the Chief.

Submit your questions here.

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