Back by popular demand, the video below illustrates the skill building drill I call, “Joint Lock Flow (JLF).”

The purpose of this drill is to better familiarize students with many of the most salient joint locking movements within the Krav Maga system. The JLF also provides an opportunity to quickly gain repetitions due to the flowing nature of the drill. Check it out!

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  1. Jay Coulter

    I have inquired before, but have not ever got a response. My cousin trains in Texas and has highly recommended Krav to me- I know that there are a few schools in the valley I live in (Nampa,ID). My cousin has warned me that there are some “spinoffs” of Krav, and he recommends finding a school with strict roots to the original. Do you have a recommendation on a school? Do you have an affiliation that I should look for? Any help would be appreciated

    • Chief Kirk

      Jay, in my experience, then best way to ensure the school is not a spin-off is to have a direct link to Imi. Imi’s representative in the U.S. is Darren Levine (Krav Maga Worldwide) – per Imi.. ironically, there are people now who are teaching that were also with Darren the first time an “exchange student” program was offered – but didn’t maintain an ongoing relationship and continued training as Darren did. It’s too bad. There are plenty of imposters out there…

    • CJK

      Jay, check out the Krav Maga Worldwide website ( – under locations, you’ll find the licensees in the area you’ve referenced. There are other KM groups out there, some with good lead instructors, but after I’ve seen these same organizations certify former students of mine that were bottom quartile performers within my student population, I’m concerned about the quality of the instructors being certified. Some people start KM organizations with a profit motive only, and turn their back on the responsibility to put student safety as the first priority.