I’ve begun to introduce a new program and curriculum at Krav Maga Houston – it’s called Krav Maga All Strike – professional grade striking & optimized fitness.

As the name implies, All Strike a progressive curriculum that allows students to focus on striking, combinations, and movement in a format that provides detailed coaching, technical assessment, and a strong fitness orientation.

So, what are he benefits of a program like All Strike? Here are my observations:

  1. Students benefit from significant increases in speed, balance, and power on target,
  2. Students increase physical, neuromuscular capacity in very specific movement patterns (such as punching in combination) that support self protection, and
  3. Students substantially improve in the most pure formats of self-defense within the Krav Maga system (addressing the danger), primarily because their increased speed, balance, power, and capacity emboldens their entry (the range where their new found skill set can flourish) and turbo-charges their aggression.

In summary, students become much more confident and effective at self defense (especially those that see themselves as smaller or physically weaker than average) through the realization that they can, in fact, strike with power and effect the attacker in powerful ways.

In the coming months, expect to see more about All Strike, and about how I teach striking, as well as, building combinations.

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