In this week’s product review, you’re getting a 2-for-1 read, because this article not only reviews the Benchmade Barrage folding knife, but it also facilitates a shameless plug for Krav Maga Houston’s latest product offering.

The Benchmade Barrage can be customized. However, this review features the style and finish I personally own and have utilized for some time now. To ensure I don’t bury the lead, my highly positive assessment if the Benchmade Barrage is as follows:

  1. The Barrage is an excellent knife made with the same care for detail that Benchmade is known to produce,
  2. The Tanto blade with a half serration is a favorite if mine, providing flexibility for nearly all occasions (self defense and rescue operations – as well as, slashing, stabbing, cleaving, and cutting through tough materials),
  3. The assisted open option is (in my view) one of the best on the market, combining the required intentional pressure to open the blade with a reasonable opening action that compliments the weight of the blade,
  4. The knife can also be snapped with the wrist to open due to it’s clever design (a favorite if mine for tip down / blade forward opening) allowing for deployment when the assisted open is not an optimal option,
  5. The knife is well made, durable, sharp (and keeps an edge for more than the average knife I’ve used over the years), and features reliable component parts,
  6. The blade locking mechanism, a Benchmade specialty, is superior, strong, and reliable,
  7. The handle features partial cut outs to support a tip up or tip down grip, and offers some (I’d like more) stippling, and
  8. The Barrage offers all of the standards you might expect on a defensive folder such as a clip (that can be move to either side of the handle).

I have noticed that the Barrage has a great over all weight to it, but it may feel thicker in your hand than other folders. However, upon inspection, you will find that the width of the Barrage is approximately the same as your other folder – the slightly rounded handle (to create a more effective grip by deepening the partial cut outs on the handle) is the culprit in creating the “thickness” illusion.

Overall, the Benchmade Barrage is a top shelf, excellent choice for a defensive folder and all around carry knife.

For a limited time, Krav Maga Houston will be taking orders for customized Barrage defensive folders with the KMH logo on both sides of the blade, as well as, added grip texture on the handle. To order, contact James @ 713-526-2500.

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