You are Worthy; Marcus Kowal is Worthy

It’s surprising how much you get to know the people around you when you’re training in a serious martial discipline.

And, as an instructor who has taught Krav Maga for going on 19 years, I’ve heard my share of harrowing, and frankly, sad stories about the bruises life has dealt so many people. So much of this brokenness comes from family – the very people we should be able to rely upon more than any others simply betray and abuse those whom they should be protecting.

I find in these folks a kind of personal doubt that is hard to reconcile. These people are struggling through doubts and self-defection in ways many of us simply cannot understand. I have seen it. And, in many cases, the most able people simply cannot see themselves for who they are…talented and well-liked.

And, in all cases where this festering doubt dominates self image, these people miss the most important descriptor of their efforts…worthy.

If you’re trying to put a painful past behind you, if you’re trying to move forward, if you’re trying to be a friend to others even though you can’t seem to be a friend to yourself…you are worthy.

If no one has ever told you before – you are worthy. You are worthy of love, friendship, and protection. Keep training and keep trying, because you are worthy.

Those who naturally see themselves as worthy didn’t arrive there without help. In fact, everyone who has found self worth has done so at the direction of a trusted source – often a parent.

I think in many ways, parents are the key in early development of self worth. With that in mind, it’s been my pleasure over the past many years to know and train with Marcus Kowal at the Krav Maga National Training Center in Los Angeles.

Marcus is as tough as they come, and ironically, one of the most encouraging men I know. It wouldn’t be unusual for Marcus to spar with someone, and encourage him to keep his hands up or to keep his head moving while hitting that person in the face. Nor would it be unusual for Marcus to take a punch to the face and encourage the puncher with some genuine words of encouragement. He’s really that guy.

But, today, I’m praying for Marcus and his family. Because I know in my gut that Marcus will be the kind of Dad who encourages his children and instills, like only a parent can, the kind of self worth and self confidence that can weather life’s storms. For now, I believe Marcus needs our presence and subtle encouragement, as he mourns the loss of his 15 month old son, Liam. Liam passed Sunday September 3rd after being struck by a drunk driver.

If you reach out to Marcus on social media, please be reverent and respectful in conveying your sincere condolences.

Please also note that a GoFundME page has been set-up for Liam’s final arrangements. If you want to do something really good today, visit and make a donation.

God Bless and Keep Liam, until his Mom and Dad can see him again.

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