Learn to Move Seamlessly to Master Krav Maga’s Handgun Defenses

This week I’m teaching one layer or facet of the Krav Maga handgun defense from the front that is often overlooked.

That is, the seamless integration of movements throughout the defense – creating a much more effective defense (the alternative being a series of disparate movements that create several micro-pauses within the defense). I’m teaching this “layer” of the defense to ensure students understand the old handgun maxim – slow is smooth and smooth is fast (in other words, learn the defense using slow and smooth movement and your speed will increase).

When I teach integration, as opposed to some other layer of the defense, I ask students to move only as quickly (and smoothly) as they can while confirming that the tasks on a mental checklist are being completed properly. In this defense, the high level checklist includes the following tasks: (1) redirect the line of fire, to (2) learn slightly forward, to (3) bend the knees slightly, to (4) push or burst from the feet, to (5) launch your punch. Notice this is not the entire defense, but it is the meat of the defense and includes all the movement “in” that is required.

Check out the video, and as always, walk in peace.

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  1. Richard Lindsey

    Hello my name is rich Lindsey. I am level 2 ,orange belt in Pittsburgh, pa. I would just like to let you no I look forward every week for your newsletter, and technique articles. If ever down your way, I would love to stop buy. Thank you and may you walk in peace. Richard Lindsey..

  2. CJK

    Rich, thank you – feedback is always appreciated. I look forward to meeting you, should you find yourself in Houston!

  3. Steven Cunningham

    Good checklist. A lot of people at first glance, including myself at one point, get nervous and tend to over think the defense. Having the basic checklist helps maintain the focus on the movement that can allow one to improve and grow more confident with the technique. very cool.