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Cupping the Handgun

In the video below, I’m showing the three scenarios where cupping the handgun during a Krav Maga handgun defense to a threat from the front must be applied. These applications assume the defender has developed substantial skill in the lessons taught in the previous two week’s videos (single handed defenses to the…

Handgun: Lines and Timing

In the video below, I outline what are arguably the two most salient issues with moving to a handgun threat at the head during redirection. The two issues, (1) the line the redirecting hand takes to the handgun and (2) the timing of the hand movement relative to the movement of the…

MASTERCLASS: Keys to Handgun Defense/Right Temple

DONATE HERE Please check out the video below. This is our first attempt at offering an online MASTERCLASS series. This “digital seminar” is our second of three installments that you’ll see in consecutive weeks to raise funds to support relief efforts for those that have been flooded during Hurricane Harvey. We’re on…