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MASTERCLASS: Keys to Handgun Defense/Right Temple

DONATE HERE Please check out the video below. This is our first attempt at offering an online MASTERCLASS series. This “digital seminar” is our second of three installments that you’ll see in consecutive weeks to raise funds to support relief efforts for those that have been flooded during Hurricane Harvey. We’re on…

Handgun Front Touching: Redirection Fix

The handgun defense requires a subtle shift in tactic and movement to optimize your result. I spent last weekend with Darren Levine and the crack instructional staff from Krav Maga Worldwide at Revgear University. While there, the seminar planners honored Darren for his 35 years of service in teaching Krav Maga. That’s…

Movement Versus Words

Want to deliver a consistent and effect lesson, ensure you remember that action trumps words. I was teaching handgun from the front when I noticed a skilled student with an impressive professional background completing the exercise by mock shooting into the ground three times just in front of his partner/attacker. I thought…