We recently completed a F.A.S.T. (Fear Adrenal Stress Training) Seminar at Krav Maga Houston, and the consensus is that the training was invaluable.

The reality for most is that the “fight” element at the end of the training against the “bullet-man suited-up Krav Maga instructor” is the first experience of an all-out effort at fighting.

For each student, there is a very real concern that he/she may not have the capacity to meet and overcome violence effectively. This concern can be overwhelming, and humbling. It is for this reason that F.A.S.T. is invaluable. Self-defense is all about counter offense; the ability to flip your switch and respond powerfully.

This point is most elucidated during the fights with the “bullet-man”. For those unaware, the bullet-man is the padded assailant acting our real-world scenarios presented to students during the F.A.S.T. seminar. The bullet-man suit is specifically designed so the attacker is fairly well protected while the “good guy” can deploy self-defense and full force striking.

As someone who has worn the suit on many occasions, I can tell you that the most effective, intention-altering strike is to the head – whether palm heel strikes, hammer fists, power slaps, elbows, or knees. Applied with violence and powerful intentions, these strikes completely alter whatever plan I may have had as the attacker.

By striking the “computer” (the head and brain), the defender is in control of the failing OODA (Observe Orient Decide Act) loop of the attacker’s thought/action process. This interruption is the “secret sauce” in addressing danger effectively. You must disrupt the attacker’s intentions with violence and overwhelming distraction to effectively confront violence and increase your chances of extricating yourself from violence. That truth is never on display more than inside the bullet-man suit during a F.A.S.T. seminar.

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  1. Rafael Esteban

    I had the opportunity to do the seminar abot 1 year ago and the experience was fantastic, the fact that realistic situations are presented help to develop awareness and effectiveness.