Last week I posted a video to assess the issues that arose in another knife attack video (where guys featured were training and failing).

As a result, I had several questions came in from Kravology subscribers. The most pressing question was…” What if the counter fails, is sub-optimal, or misses all-together.” In the video below, I’m illustrating the issues with the defender finding him/herself in a sub-optimal position. Hint: the answer is, was, and always will be…counterattack (knowing that the more time between the addressing of the danger and the counterattack creates an ever-expanding increase in danger foe the defender).

Lastly, remember, a good Krav Maga defense is designed to be effectively utilized for men and women, big and tall, short and small. Therefore, lean into the defense that harnesses the ingredients that create success in the broadest set of circumstances for the most people. And, as always, don’t believe me or anyone else – prove it to yourself in training!

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  1. George B

    wow thanks for replying to my comment! Appreciate it and in vidoe! Aloha – George