Ok, so maybe this isn’t a feud. In fact, to be precise, the video below is in response to a video posted previously by another group that prompted several inquiries from Kravology subscribers.

The Kravology video below (which includes the other group’s video that generated the questions) addresses the issues associated with knife attacks, as well as, some advice about how to watch and break down videos of knife attacks. Check it out!

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  1. George B

    Great video. I found for myself most of the time when it’s a committed all out attack either I miss the counter attack or the counter attack grazes them or does little to no effect. The counter attack seems to work when it does work, but what happens when you miss and the person now is right up on you stabbing you? I found at least for me and others that getting the 2 on 1 on the knife arm while putting forward pressure had a higher percentage. Just my thoughts. Here is a video of guys going all out with knife attacks during training. **I’m not in this video**
    Thank You