This year, I have decided (after much internal debate) to call out weak Krav Maga posted on YouTube and other channels.

The downside to this approach is the potential to discourage others or otherwise confuse the viewers of these videos (should they stumble across Kravology). And, while I cannot point out every issue with a weak Krav Maga technique (I don’t have that kind of time in a short video), I can isolate the major element(s) of a defense that substantially increase the defender’s risk in performing the defense. This is vital in addressing defenses that create higher risks for the defender – especially with the initiating movements of a defense. In these cases, the odds of success plummet and the potential for negative outcomes increases significantly.

I’m using the term “weak” Krav Maga, as a compromise in characterizing high risk defenses that loosely follow the Krav Maga principles to avoid saying that the defenses are not Krav Maga (and to avoid describing them in unhelpful and/or inflammatory terms). This week, I’m focusing on a defense to a long gun threat from behind. Check it out…

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  1. Mark

    I’ve been seeing this a lot on tick tock too. Always consider the source folks…!