As Kravists, we often correctly spend significant time training and focusing on the Krav Maga principles – particularly as these principles directly relate to making self-defense.

Specifically, it is my experience that Kravist focus on (1) Addressing the Danger, (2) Counterattacks, and finding (3) Control. However, few focus on the connection between Control and Finish – especially where (when) Control is established and a Finish is being attempted but fails – resulting in a kind of reset (where Control must be re-established).

Because the Control & Finish principles are more widely interpretive and organic in nature than Address the Danger & Counter Attack (see the bar graph and explanation in the associated video herein), there is – generally speaking – less direction provided by instructors in class settings as to how to navigate these difficult and emergent issues.

Most of the time, the mitigating action being taught in Krav Maga schools is to “be very aggressive” with combatives when uncertainty emerges in a violent confrontation (e.g. you lose a control position). While this is reasonable, it is also suboptimal, especially when weapons are involved. In the video provided, I’m walking you through a thought exercise in exploring these issues. Check it out. And, as always – walk in peace…

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