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Hotel Safety Tips

As many of you are squeezing in last minute summer trips, we thought it worthwhile to offer these safe traveling tips. Travelers often think of hotels as an extension of their homes—comfortable, private and safe. However, the reality is that hotels can be targets for crime. When you are out of your…

The Road Well Travelled

Life isn’t about the road you choose, so much as it is about how you travel that road. I’ve been a fan of the Robert Frost poem, The Road Not Taken, since my teenage years. And I, like virtually everyone else, I referred to the poem with the sense that the author…

Krav Maga & Time Travel

By Mastering an Understanding of an Attackers Perception, You Can Time Travel Your Way Out of Violence. Time travel isn’t real. Although, time travel could be vey real from an experiential perspective. What I mean to say is, While man cannot break the barriers of time and travel back to see the…