By Mastering an Understanding of an Attackers Perception, You Can Time Travel Your Way Out of Violence.

Time travel isn’t real. Although, time travel could be vey real from an experiential perspective.

What I mean to say is, While man cannot break the barriers of time and travel back to see the first Super Bowl, we should leave room for the idea that perception can be altered in Krav Maga, such that a defender may experience a loss of time. This could be accomplished by leveraging what we know about the human condition.

This process, if properly addressed, could have significant ramifications for our self defense. In the video below, I’ll outline how this “time travel” might be achieved by using a punch as an example. Enjoy…

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  1. Ammar Nomani

    Very helpful indeed. (The structure email before with the analogy of eyes on shoulders was pretty amazing)

    The problem I am having with the pie theory is that (sometimes) when I am in my fighting stance specially during shoulder drill, I start off with palm of the hands facing me instead of the opponent. And then straighten it as it reaches him. Its pretty awful cause if I get hit on the hand with palm facing me I can break my wrist. I might have picked this bad habit while working on palm heel strikes during Carl’s class.

    Oh well. Hard to unlearn bad habits. Any advice on how to fix it faster?

    • CJK

      Remember it’s not how your hand is facing that matters, focus more on the analogy itself to keep you elbow in-line and the power in your punch.

      Also, the shoulder drill is a “drill” – not to be confused with a technique. In this case, the shoulder drill is focused on movement and angles.

  2. Kevin Lisman

    CJ like the pie analogy in the time travel article. Very helpful.

  3. Arnold Wo

    Chief thanks for sharing such amazing insights generouly! And the pie analogy says it all! I still remember you explain round kicks with the pie analogy as well. Its an amazing pie!

  4. LJ Sanford

    I’m a wide dude, so my elbows ALWAYS flair out. I gotta use this technique to alleviate that problem. I feel I’m always telegraphing.