Check Out This Summary of News Worthy Events the Media Hasn’t Covered.

If you have been swept up in the endless election news cycle, here are some important and frankly shocking updates from around the world. Google a few of these key words from an area of interest for more detail:


  • As antibiotics fail due to a significant rise in resistant strains, doctors look to fight infections with live viruses.

Latin America

  • Mexico issued an alert across five states on Sunday February 28 when a truck carrying a container of radioactive iridium-192 was stolen. This is the fourth reported theft of such material since 2013.


  • In China a knifeman attacks 10 children outside a primary school before killing himself. China has seen an increase in knife attacks directed at children over the past five years.


  • Tear gas is fired as migrants break down Macedonia fence on Greek border.
  • Burka-clad babysitter roams Moscow streets shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ carrying the severed head of the four-year girl that was left in her care.
  • German judge suspends the trial of SS ‘medic’ charged with sending Holocaust victims to the gas chamber at Auschwitz. The judge claimed he was unfit for transport to the court due to “stress and suicidal thoughts.”

Middle East & Africa

  • US warns Mosul Damn in Iraq could collapse and urges the 500,00 – 1.47 million in the potential flood path to be prepared for an emergency evacuation. The damn had been captured by ISIS and was recently recaptured by Iraqi forces. Intelligence sources suspect the damn, well known to have many structural flaws, is at risk of sabotage in the fight for control of the area.
  • At least 27 people are confirmed dead and 50 are wounded in a suicide attack bomb on an Shia funeral northeast of Bagdad Monday morning. This attack comes one day after 70 people were killed in a twin suicide bombing attack on a busy market in Sadr City, a suburb of Bagdad. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack on the market and is suspected of orchestrating the funeral attack – which killed six commanders of local militias.
  • Al-Shabab claims responsibility for an attack in Southern Somalia killing 30. The coordinated attack used both a car bomb and a suicide bomber. This is the fourth major al-Shabab attack in Somalia since the beginning of the year.

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