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Straight Stab: The Magic Touch

This week, I’m covering the concept of “touch” as it pertains to the Krav Maga straight stab defense (and I’m building off last week’s video installment of inside defense). While a straight stab defense requires a potent touch, the broader sequence of “touch, turn, chop” in making a straight stab defense is…

Inside Defense & Straight Stab: The Critical Movement

Krav Maga’s Inside Defense and Straight Stab Defense Share Critical Core Movements; as One Defense Goes, So Goes The Other. Whether you’re doing an inside defense or a straight stab defense, the common core movement that creates success is the proper movement of the lower arm – from the fingers to the elbow.…

Straight Stab Defense: 1-Minute Fix

Moving to Defend a Straight Stab Using The Hands, Body, Feet Movement Principle Is Critical For Success. I find that most of my students who struggle with straight stab defense simply miss (1) the touch, turn, chop paradigm, or (2) forget the hands, body, feet movement principle. Last week during class, it…