Krav Maga’s Inside Defense and Straight Stab Defense Share Critical Core Movements; as One Defense Goes, So Goes The Other.

Whether you’re doing an inside defense or a straight stab defense, the common core movement that creates success is the proper movement of the lower arm – from the fingers to the elbow.

The issue I often find in making inside defense is not that a successful redirection has been made, but rather that the redirection is not being made with the awareness that this core movement must support a straight stab defense in the future.

As a result, the inside defense is often made with only short term objectives in mind and in a kind of vacuum that will eventually create frustration when moving on to the straight stab defense. Moreover, inside defense and straight stab defense share a critical core movement sequence – Core Movement DNA in Kravology parlance. Therefore, making a sub-optimal defense in one technique automatically creates a sub-optimal defense in the other technique.

The issue arises from the relationship between the hand and the elbow – the relative positioning to be exact – as the arm arrives in the centerline to begin the redirection process. The video below illustrates the problem and the solution – check it out.

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