How You Approach Grabbing a Wrist, Handgun, or Rifle Could Determine The Outcome of Your Defense.

In a recent class I noticed that a few of my students were grabbing the knife arm early during an overhead stab defenses.

I waited to see if they were able to feel the issue created with the early grab, then I stopped the class to discuss this crucial issue. Grabbing early creates several potential problems in making a successful defense.

First, it’s possible that an early grab largely facilitates a joint lock to the defenders wrist and arm. Second, an early grab often stops the forward momentum of the defense – this can be catastrophic.

In the video below, I’ll show you the problems and the fix.

As a general rule, remember,

  • Move to grab
  • DO NOT grab then move, and
  • Keep your weight momentum moving into the fight
  • Look for this issue in edged weapon, handgun, and rifle defenses

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