Moving to Defend a Straight Stab Using The Hands, Body, Feet Movement Principle Is Critical For Success.

I find that most of my students who struggle with straight stab defense simply miss (1) the touch, turn, chop paradigm, or (2) forget the hands, body, feet movement principle.

Last week during class, it seemed the second of the two potential issues arose and swept through class like a super-virus. The drill I used to stomp out this virus addresses the hands, body, feet movement principle.

The video below illustrates a quick fix to this sometimes pervasive issue.

Key Points:

  1. Ensure everyone understands the purpose of the drill,
  2. Be sure to start with the back squarely against the wall,
  3. Focus on the hand movement only, and
  4. Don’t worry about movements that happen after the hand moves (the drill can be uncomfortable).

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