Mastering A Key Movement And Replicating It In Multiple Defenses Is Like Extracting Krav Maga DNA And Cloning The Movements To Build Other Defenses.

I’m taking some liberties with the term DNA, as I attempt to explain how movements within defenses are related.

In this sense, I see core movements as being common DNA among defenses (and use this concept to categorize defenses in building a “family tree”).

In essence, we can learn a key movement (DNA) in a defense and reuse the movement in learning other defenses (cloning).

I was explaining this concept as I demonstrated overhead stab defense and extrapolated the movement to include seven defenses – focusing in on the common movement that is also core in completing the defenses.

If a student is able to understand and master core movements, moving between defenses that share this DNA (or core movement) becomes much easier much sooner. Check out the video for more on this topic.

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  1. Arnold Wo

    Hi CJ, this is again one material that answers dozens’ of questions I have in my mind!! Every time I read these articles this is how I feel: I was blind but now I see.

    Thanks for sharing all these with the world so generously!

  2. CJK

    I’m glad this helps Arnold. Keep training hard!