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Emergency Alert Update

I’m unhappy to report that the suppositions made in the March 26th Kravology article “Emergency Alert” have come to fruition, and as states everywhere continue to reopen (creating more mass gatherings) – the attacks on innocent Americans will continue. Increase your awareness now! The COVID lockdowns have done nothing but exacerbate the…

Three Huge Steps Forward: COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a worldwide “shelter in place” reality for virtually everyone on the planet. If you’re embracing your new normal for the time being, the opportunity to grow – and take three huge steps forward – lies in three powerful concepts (as outlined below): Prioritize / Simplify / Organize…

COVID-19 Response

Please take the time to view our response to the COVID-19. These are extemporaneous comments made as the Krav Maga Houston (KMH) community made a transition to online delivery of our content, expertise and the Krav Maga methodology. KMH has moved classes online including – Krav Maga (adults & kids), WODs, Warrior…