The COVID-19 pandemic has created a worldwide “shelter in place” reality for virtually everyone on the planet.

If you’re embracing your new normal for the time being, the opportunity to grow – and take three huge steps forward – lies in three powerful concepts (as outlined below):

  1. Prioritize / Simplify / Organize – this process of re-evaluating what we hold most dear, of the un-cluttering of our lives, and of organizing our daily walk around our prioritized and simplified values, can create much more meaning for each of us. Although this sounds simple, the P/S/O process is an ongoing effort. So, be prepared to adjust and evolve as you make effort.
  2. Develop Awareness – One of the best ways to develop awareness is to acknowledge those things about others that bother you and explore how you – through analogy – are guilty of doing the same things. Without a mechanism and an intention to become aware of your actions, self-awareness is difficult to access. In this example, we use others to ultimately “mirror” our own actions across a varied set of circumstances and contexts to create awareness.
  3. Embrace failure – Without failure, we will never have access to the indicators and directional cues that ultimately form the compass necessary to discover success. With the proper and powerful perspective around failure, success is inevitable. Failure is the Father of success…if you allow it to be so.

Use these three tools to create a powerful and ongoing result in your life as you live through this pandemic and as you reach the other side of this season of your life. A huge return on your investment awaits you!

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