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Organic Overlord: CBD Shots

Check out these Recovery & Energy shots with added CBD – it’s part of my personal training and recovery program now. If you’re not using CBD, I’d strongly suggest you try. The results have been “game changers” for me! And, I can get you 20% off retail. So check it out!

Organic Overlord: CBD 20% Off

I’ve named my CBD regimen “Organic Overlord”, because it has become so effective in supporting my training. If you’re interested in capturing the benefits of CBD for yourself and you’re your family, I have a great announcement for you. After testing several brands of CBD, I’ve found a group of CBD-based supplements…

CBD – Tested & Approved

In the video below, I’m introducing three “game changers” for my training routine and home life. Each of these game changers is a CBD-based supplement that I have been testing for a couple weeks now (outside of the 6 months I’ve added CBD supplements to support my training). First and foremost, I…