I’ve named my CBD regimen “Organic Overlord”, because it has become so effective in supporting my training.

If you’re interested in capturing the benefits of CBD for yourself and you’re your family, I have a great announcement for you.

After testing several brands of CBD, I’ve found a group of CBD-based supplements that check all my boxes:

  1. Vetting and sourcing organic hemp from known locations in the U.S.,
  2. Utilizing third party testing to ensure quality and accuracy,
  3. Offering both THC free and full spectrum CBD (trace THC) supplements, and
  4. Providing multiple strength dosages.

CBD supplements have been a game changer for me. To combat inflammation, I haven’t found anything even close to CBD. Other powerful elements of CBD supplements such as anti-anxiety support and immune system boosting are observable.

Here’s the good news – As a Kravology subscriber, you can have access to CBD supplements that I have found to be most effective (tested and approved by me) at 20% off retail prices with FREE shipping directly to your home.

My three favorite supplements are:

Maxton Full Spectrum (or THC free) Hemp Oil (drops) in 1200MG – $44 plus tax.
Maxton Roll On Muscle Rub – $44 plus tax
Maxton THC Free Gummy Bears 10mg / 30 count – $31 plus tax

I use the drops at night, the roll on as needed, and the gummies in the morning and mid-day. My kids take the gummies at night to wind down and get the prescribed sleep they need.

Contact James (713-526-2500 or [email protected]) for all the details.

You can’t get this discount in stores – only as a Kravology subscriber or KMH member. Try these products. I believe you will find substantial benefits from each of them.

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