In the video below, I’m introducing three “game changers” for my training routine and home life.

Each of these game changers is a CBD-based supplement that I have been testing for a couple weeks now (outside of the 6 months I’ve added CBD supplements to support my training).

First and foremost, I use a higher strength CBD-based tincture every night – an hour prior to turning in for the evening. The anti-inflammatory effects are dramatic. If you have joints that swell through exercise or arthritis, I strongly encourage you to try the tincture (pure CBD or CBD with trace THC). Try the Maxton tincture for two weeks; you’ll be stunned with the difference. Secondly, I use the Maxton roll-on CBD based lotion for sore joints immediately after training and/or workouts as needed. These two supplements, used in conjunction, have been absolutely amazing.

Finally, I have been judiciously using pure CBD Gummy Bears (THC free) an hour before bedtime with my children to combat hyperactivity. The difference in how bedtime has evolved is – in my wife’s words – miraculous. The THC free, third party lab tested Gummy Bears have a subtle calming effect while offering the same anti-inflammatory, immune system boosting benefits.

I’m so convinced by the results, that my family and I continue to use the CBD supplements, and Kravology has also begun offering access to these CBD supplements to all Kravology subscribers at 20% off retail pricing.

As you know, I don’t often endorse anything, primarily because the trust I’ve built over the last 20+ years within the Krav Maga community is worth more to me than any endorsement ever could. In this case, I believe that these supplements will become powerful aids in your Krav Maga and fitness training regiment. So, I’ve found a way to provide them to you at a discount. That’s it – nothing more.

For more information or to order these supplements, contact James at [email protected] or at 713-526-2500.

One last final comment…I’m testing a CBD sleep supplement for adults. Early indications are very promising. Stay tuned!

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