Here’s a Look at the Top 10 Reasons to do Krav Maga with an Optimistic Doomsday Like Tone – Enjoy!

If you’re reading this article, you likely already practice Krav Maga. And, I’m sure you have excellent and valid reasons.

However, the next time someone asks you why you do Krav Maga, throw in a few of these retorts. It’s good fun!

*Reform – Structural Spending & Solvency in the U.S. Leading to Mass Chaos: Unsustainable U.S. polices and massive structural spending will eventually force reform, and the resulting stakeholders that see themselves as losing as a result of spending and structural reform will turn violent.

10. U.S. government spending is approximately 40% of U.S. GDP – an unsustainable metric.

9. Only ~50% of the U.S. population pays federal taxes – an unsustainable metric.

8. The top 25% of U.S. wage earners pay nearly 90% of all income taxes – an unsustainable metric.

7. U.S. total debt has risen beyond $730,000 per U.S. family – an unsustainable metric.

6. Interest expense on U.S. debt is expected to become the third largest expense (line item) of the federal government’s budget in the next 5 years – an unsustainable metric.

5. The two largest banks hold demand deposits that equal more than 3 times the printed legal tender currency in circulation today.

*Personal Safety & Growth: There’s nothing better than investing in yourself, growing as a human being, and preparing to be your best when facing the worst.

4. Your ability to process and manage stress will increase dramatically.

3. Your fitness levels will increase substantially.

2. Your situational awareness will rise significantly.

1. Your ability to respond to a violent altercation and survive will be greatly enhanced.

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