I’m taking this opportunity to make a substantial shift in the way that I approach presenting Krav Maga techniques within the Kravology channel.

I’ve watched for several years as others have posted a myriad of defenses that are simply ill-conceived or downright dangerous. My students often react in horror as they find example after example of techniques posted by others that are clearly sub-optimal and even dangerous.

I’ve come to the conclusion that self-defense instruction is not an area of practice where we can simply look away from those leading others in dangerous ways. Too many people are posting defenses and techniques that simply don’t make sense – and too many people are not equipped to understand why those postings are dangerous and risk-heavy. In my view, the only people posting about Krav Maga should be those that have deep experience and expertise (and can logically defend the procedure being posted).

Political correctness has no place in teaching critical, lifesaving skills. While I will avoid being overly critical of others, I will forcefully offer and defend the procedures posted in Kravology, and I will not post defenses with which I have some reservation. This is my solemn pledge to you.

Kravology has and will continue to be a reliable place to discover and study the practice of Krav Maga and self-defense.

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