It’s well past time that we engage in a discussion about inside defense to the right straight punch.

To be frank, the garbage posted to Internet sites about Krav Maga in general and specifically pertaining to inside defense can and will get people hurt. I offer this truth statement knowing full well that self-defense techniques can and should be modified to support the end user as needed.

However, there is a tremendous difference between personalizing a technique and moving in ways (in general) that manage to achieve only one of several objectives (or Krav Maga principles). For instance, an inside defense that avoids the immediate danger of a right straight punch by bailing left significantly compromises the ability of the attacker to make a meaningful counterattack – and is therefore of little use.

In the video below, I’m illustrating how to approach inside defense optimally – a powerful baseline of sorts – leaving room for each Kravist to personalize the defense in effective and productive ways. Check it out!

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  1. Taylor

    One of the best videos yet! Angles and instructions on screen were very helpful.

  2. Van

    Do you also train closing with the left slip and left U slip? Both leave the defender in a strong counter position where straights and hooks can be thrown. If so, how do you teach students to use inside defenses, outside defenses, along with head movement and slipping/U slipping?