When many of us conjure up images of a sovereign warrior, we often visualize imagery of a solitary, stoic warrior – making his or her way alone.

The truth is, sovereignty isn’t about going through life alone. Rather, the sovereign warrior attains his or her sovereignty through the independent choices each makes in deciding who and what to serve. Warrior’s serve…it’s that simple.

Today, a modern warrior works to rid him or herself of the influences of the world, culture, and the experiences that distort truth. Instead, the modern warrior seeks an authentic and clear-headed clarity that supports his or her capacity to discover the deeply personal and unique “scared things” for which service is rightly deserved and directed. This is not small thing. This decision to discover and serve the sacred things sets the trajectory, quality, and vision of the warrior’s life.

A modern warrior serves by leading, advocating, and defending his or her sacred things through the sovereign and independent choices he or she makes. However, the community or tribe each warrior embraces (or forms for that matter) is a vital component of the warrior’s ability to form brother and sisterhood – and further serve more powerfully.

The other part of the sovereign warrior’s path is the realization that service to the sacred things is a commitment for life. The sacred things serve as a compass or blueprint for living through service. And, in this knowledge and commitment, the warrior knows that he or she may one day be called to stand alone in the face of those forces that threaten the sacred things. In this, the warrior is also sovereign and fulfilling his or her highest and best calling as a warrior. Are you among the willing?

What makes you a sovereign warrior?

What are your sacred things? How would you discover them?

Are you ready to serve those things for which you freely dedicate yourself?

In this Easter season, I’m compelled to consider how I might better serve my sacred things. There is no higher call than the service and sacrifice of the sovereign warrior. In this realization, I understand the need for training and preparation of the body, mind, and spirit. And so I choose that path, and I invite you to travel that path with me in the service of your sacred things.

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