I recently began teaching my Master Class students various weapon threat defenses by starting and focusing on the “break & take.”

To my surprise, the students appreciated the detail often developed around the addressing of danger being applied to the break & take technical aspects of the defenses. My surprise was more accurately related to the overall improvement I saw across the spectrum in performing the entire set of defenses. Literally, everyone improved markedly.

After reflecting on this surprising bonus, I realized a simple truth – people perform more powerfully and effectively when they have confidence in every aspect of a defense. So, the next time you sense your performance needs a boost, try reverse engineering the defense – starting at the finish and moving to the initial response to danger. In this, you may find areas of the defense that are not as fluid, powerful, or full of confidence – focus there.

You may be surprised at how effective you can perform with just a few minutes of focus and concentration on what needs the most attention (and that aspect of the defense as it relates to all other aspects).

Try this the next time you step on the mats, and as always – walk in peace.

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