Leadership is the Most Important Factor in Krav Maga Success.

Leadership is the topic of many a conversation, both in military units throughout the world and in civilian life including sports, academia, business, medicine and a host of other pursuits.

Run a Google search on leadership, and you will find about 764 million results. Since the dawn of time, cultures and peoples have understood the vast implications of good leadership. In many instances, leadership has and still does mean the survival or propagation of entire cultures. Leadership is, in many ways, life and death.

If you know me, you likely know that I am not really a joiner. I have marched to the beat of my own drum for decades now. I am also skeptical of leaders and groups and movements – often driven by useful idiots that rarely know what stand they are taking. In short, it is unusual for me to buy into whatever someone else is pitching.

But, those of you that know me also probably know that I found Krav Maga after being robbed at gunpoint over 20 years ago. My Kung Fu and JuJitsu did me no good at the time. After finding Krav Maga, I was sold. Not only does this Israeli born self defense system make sense to a sober and suspicious guy like me, the Krav Maga Worldwide organization is led by a talented, highly-knowledgeable, and humble man named Darren Levine.

Darren is the US Chief Instructor and Founders Diploma Holder for Krav Maga, tasked by the Grandmaster Imi Lichtenfeld to take Krav Maga to the masses. He is a highly successful prosecuting attorney for the Los Angeles County, and he has dedicated himself to public safety – inside the courtroom and in teaching Krav Maga.

Last weekend, Darren was in Houston to teach an active shooter intervention seminar, and the entire seminar was excellent. I have nothing but positive feedback from the 100+ students who attended. In talking with the students, I realized how many were relatively new to Krav Maga, and with the growing number of students in Krav Maga schools around the world, I thought it might be appropriate to republish the Darren Levine profile that Kravology featured last year. The interview was compiled in three parts. Please notice Part 1 in this newsletter and on the website. Check out the pics from the seminar below. Enjoy!

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