The STOP CANCER Marni Fund Seminars are Just Around the Corner.

Last week I wrote about Leadership to reintroduce Part 1 of Darren Levine’s three-part Kravology exclusive.

This week, in keeping with this introductory theme, I’ve decided to write about charity.

First, let me express how saddened I am that the word charity has become such a dirty word. As if the word expresses some kind of prejudice or Machiavellian hierarchy in which the user looks down upon those who receive his/her charity. We’ve all become so unnecessarily sensitive to the words we use, that we can no longer simply say what we mean or express a plain truth.

Webster’s Dictionary describes charity as: benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity, generosity and helpfulness, provision for the needy, lenient, and relief. Well, count me in on this idea. I love the idea that those who are not in need might see their respective responsibility to steward their resources for good – that is, to be generous, loving, and helpful to others.

There are many well-deserving charities to be sure. For the purposes of this article, I’ve selected a few and highlighted one. Check out Smile Train, 20/20/20, Heifer International, and Star of Hope.

As a Kravologist, you should certainly be aware of the Marni Fund run by STOP CANCER, a 501c3 that funds promising research with the aim of fighting and stopping cancer. Recently, the Krav Maga Worldwide community marked the 10-year anniversary of the passing of Marni Levine, wife of Darren Levine (US Chief Instructor, Founder’s Diploma holder, and President of Krav Maga Worldwide). Marni was a wonderful and giving woman with an amazing Krav Maga talent; she was the mother of two daughters, and the founder of the KM-X kids program.

Marni is still missed by those who knew her. In October, Krav Maga Worldwide schools will be conducting seminars in honor of Marni with the proceeds going to the Marni Fund at STOP CANCER. I hope you’ll join us fight this terrible disease.

Enjoy Part 2 of the Darren Levine Kravology exclusive…

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