An Epidemic Has Broken Out Among Our Children – Ignorance Driven by Lack of Guidance.

I often tell my instructors that they forget how much they really know until they circle back to an introductory class we hold on Saturday mornings. The look on their faces is both revealing and predictable.

In the same sense, I’ve forgotten–or in some way, perhaps, never knew–how poorly behaved unsupervised youths can act. I’m sure the look on my face was similar to that of an instructor coming back to introductory class after years of being away. It’s eye-opening.

This last weekend I had the opportunity to be in Disney’s ESPN Sports Complex where my son was competing in the National Punt, Pass, & Kick finals. While there, we were also sharing the Disney motel with the finalists for the National Flag Football Championship (featured during the Pro Bowl half time show).

Overall, as I understood it, there were some 30-40 teams from around the US playing in the final tournament there. As I mentioned, these fine fellows were also staying at the same complex. I can only say after the third night of what can only be described as foolish hooliganism and extremely ignorant, anti-social behavior that I am thankful for:

  1. The Krav Maga Houston kids program – where kids have direction and aim and train with a purpose, learning self respect, respect for others, the benefits of physical fitness, grit, goal setting, and patience, and
  2. The parents and their commitment to their children.

I know there are sacrifices gladly made to expose these children to the kind of program that re-enforces the virtues and ethos these parents want to instill in their children. I am thankful for parents who think these thoughts and follow with action. I know, as they do, that their children will be better for it.

We need more of this kind of devotion and commitment to kids and their growth in our society – where specific, directed intention becomes the outcome for kids.

The alternative isn’t even an option for a world that needs future leaders to be ready to face its many challenges.

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