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Controlling Dynamic Motion: Three Keys

Control dynamic motion to put more powerful combative on target. If you’ve ever seen a person throwing a series of combatives in a combination that loses balance, slips and pauses, or steps through their stance into an opposite stance, you’ve been a witness to the effects of dynamic motion and the force created…

Krav Maga Kids: Intention Creates Outcome

An Epidemic Has Broken Out Among Our Children – Ignorance Driven by Lack of Guidance. I often tell my instructors that they forget how much they really know until they circle back to an introductory class we hold on Saturday mornings. The look on their faces is both revealing and predictable. In…

No One Is Coming – Save Yourself Before Time Runs Out

Train Krav Maga to Protect Yourself We’ve been preaching to students for years that when violence erupts, no one is coming to save you, and I was reminded this morning of a court case that firmly illustrates this point. While researching the events of the case, I ran across the Wikipedia summary version. While…