Keys to your Krav Maga Future

I’m teaching a few days for an instructor certification this week. During the process, I thought about a few concepts that are, at times, not prolifically covered with great consistency.

While Krav Maga can be described in a number of ways, central to Krav Maga is the concept of movement. The hands/body/feet concept is so critical to Krav Maga training that it simply cannot be overstated.

The hands/body/feet concept guides movement – reducing or eliminating telegraphing movement, ideally capturing and harnessing natural rhythm, invoking weight transfer, and generally INFORMING many of your combatives, handgun defenses, long gun defenses, edged weapons defenses, third party defenses, and a host of others.

In short, my message to the trainees was a simple one: get this right, or you’ll pay for it throughout the rest of your training.

HANDS/BODY/FEET – get it right.

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