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Movement Patterns To Save Your Life

This week, I’m covering three movement patterns that illustrate the powerful need for every Kravist to understand the most potent means of addressing danger. Thoughtful consideration of these patterns will dramatically improve your capacity to consistently replicate your performance – and just might save your life. Check it out! As always, walk…

Telegraphing Tips

Improve your Krav Maga dramatically by avoiding the telegraphing of movement. If you’re not actively working to prevent the telegraphing of movement, you’re making a huge mistake. Telegraphing is akin to setting off the early warning system of your attackers brain – sending him or her into response mode. Ideally, Krav practitioners…

Krav Maga: A Few Thoughts

Keys to your Krav Maga Future I’m teaching a few days for an instructor certification this week. During the process, I thought about a few concepts that are, at times, not prolifically covered with great consistency. While Krav Maga can be described in a number of ways, central to Krav Maga is the concept…