You’d Better Know Exactly How To Take A Handgun From Someone If You’re Attempting To Pry The Gun Free Before Striking The Bad Guy.

If you’ve trained in Krav Maga for any length of time, you likely know that RCAT refers to the major steps in common handgun defenses – Redirect, Control, Attack, & Take.

But, it’s worth noting that RCAT does not describe a whole host of offline and third party defenses where the defender is essentially asked to “take” the handgun before ever making a single counterattack – affording him/her some leeway in the process.

Instead, these defenses can be described as RCTA – Redirect. Control, Take, & Attack. In this case, because the attacker may well be very strong and willing to fight (as the defender has not yet hit him/her), it is vital that the mechanisms that allow the handgun take be mastered – moreso than in the RCAT scenario for what should now be obvious reasons.

Check out the video below. I’ll explain the mechanisms that make RCTA work.

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